EUROPA COACHES VENICE provides many different bus and coach rental services. Whatever your transportation needs we guarantee to find a suitable bus or coach for the size of your travel party. We offer:

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Whether you just landed at an airport and have a hard time finding a suitable transfer to the city, or you would like a ride to the airport, EUROPA COACHES VENICE can arrange a suitable transportation vehicle from or to various airports including VENICE MARCO POLO AIRPORT, TREVISO-SANT'ANGELO AIRPORT, TRIESTE – FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA AIRPORT, VERONA VILLAFRANCA AIRPORT, BOLOGNA GUGLIELMO MARCONI AIRPORT, etc...

DAILY EXCURSIONS: Our fleet is available for short daily excursions to other Italian cities near Venice such as Verona, Siena, Orvieto, Padova, Ferrara, Bologna, Parma, etc. You can also secure a coach transport to Italy's largest amusement park Gardaland located by the beautiful lake Garda, only two hours' drive from Venice. You choose your destination and we will provide a suitable bus or coach.

LONGER EXCURSIONS BY BUS: EUROPA COACHES VENICE is happy to provide you with a coach or bus for longer trips and visits to other cities or countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, ... Visit the famous Paris or go for a hike in the beautiful Swiss and Austrian Alps, or enjoy various culinary delicacies and famous dishes from Slovenia and Croatia.

The customer is the creator of their route plan, we are the executors. Whatever your needs, desires and wishes, we will make sure that every trip or tour goes exactly as you want it to. Exactly for this purpose we have buses and coaches stationed in various European countries: GERMANY (Frankfurt), CZECZ REPUBLIC (Prague), ITALY (Rome and Venice), SLOVENIA (Ljubljana), FRANCE (Paris), UNITED KINGDOM (London).

EUROPA COACHES VENICE is a versatile bus and coach rental providing company, with our web of reliable vehicles spread all over Europe and available to you at your request.

SPORT EVENTS, CONCERTS, FESTIVALS: Whether you're a sports fan, a music enthusiast, or interested in various festivals Venice has to offer, you can arrange the transport with our coaches and buses with us. Venice has a lot to offer, including Venice Film Festival, the famous Carnival of Venice, the well-known Venice Art Biennale, and many others. We also offer bus rentals for large and small groups wishing to attend a classical, rock, metal, or any other concert taking place anywhere in Italy or its neighbouring countries. What makes our company so attractive is the fact that you don't need to be stationed in Venice in order to secure a bus transport to your desired destination – our team of tour organisers will gladly arrange the appropriate coach to pick you up from any major cities and transfer you to your desired destination.

CORPORATE AND SCHOOL TRIPS: EUROPA COACHES VENICE can provide transportation service for all kinds of your needs. Does your company require a transfer from the hotel to the convention? Do you need a transfer for your business partners from the airport to the hotel or vice versa? Do you need to hire a coach for a school trip? EUROPA COACHES VENICE will quickly and easily help you find the appropriate transportation vehicle for your needs.

FOR TRAVEL AGENTS AND TOURIST AGENCIES: EUROPA COACHES VENICE values all customers. We provide transportation services to anyone in need. If you are a travel agent or an agency and you need a reliable coach, bus, minibus or minivan give us a call or contact us by e-mail, provide the desired destinations, date and time, and the size of the group, and we will gladly arrange a modern and reliable transportation vehicle for a reasonable price.