EUROPA COACHES VENICE can arrange for you and your party any type of vehicle you may need for any destination in Europe. If you wish to rent a bus, minibus, van or minivan, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of tourist professionals will be happy to help you choose the right vehicle for the size of your group and the destination you have in mind. Our modern buses come fully equipped with all the gadgets you need on longer journeys so that the comfort level is as high as possible.


Visit this beautiful alpine country with one of our buses and experience the pristine nature and extraordinary vistas, clear lakes, delicious world-famous Swiss cheese and chocolate, take a barbecue cruise on beautiful Lake Brienz or visit one of Switzerland's many ski resorts that will leave you wanting for more. Our buses can take you to any part of Switzerland – the seat of the federal authorities Bern, Interlaken, Lucerne, Laussane, Basel, Lugano, and others.

LUGANO: Hire our coach to visit a city situated in the south Switzerland near Italy, Lugano. It has often been termed as the 'Monte Carlo of Switzerland' due to its warm summers and thus attracting many famous and influential people. Add to the mix the beautiful lake scenery and enchanting nature and it becomes evident that you simply cannot skip Lugano on your trip with our buses.

LUCERNE: Hire one of our fully equipped buses for a trip or a tour to Lucerne, a Swiss city sited on Lake Lucerne and surrounded by amazing excursion mountains Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn. There are also numerous shops where you can buy the famous Swiss watches and other souvenirs.

BERN: Our fleet of buses, minibuses, coaches, vans and minivans is at your disposal if you want to visit Bern, Switzerland's de facto capitol, also Switzerland's fourth most populous city. EUROPA COACHES VENICE will arrange your transport by bus to Bern, ranked among the world's top ten cities for the best quality of life (2010). Tour Bern's old city centre recognized by UNESCO as Cultural World Heritage Site. Bern boasts with one of the largest covered shopping promenades in Europe.

ZÜRICH: Hire a bus from EUROPA COACHES VENICE to take a trip to the largest city in Switzerland, Zürich. Located at the tip of the Lake Zürich the city has been voted as the best city to live in. On either side of the Limmat river, between the Main railway station and Lake Zürich most of Zürich's sites are located. Here our drivers can also take you to the most expensive shops along the famous Bahnhofstrasse, or to the Lindenhof in the old town as the historical site of the Roman castle, and the later Carolingian Imperial Palace.

GERMANY: Hire a bus or minibus from our large fleet of modern and fully equipped vehicles and take a trip to Germany, a large country in central Europe with a rich cultural heritage and numerous attractions spread throughout its cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, and many more.

MUNICH: Enjoy the 16-day long beer festival Oktoberfest taking place in Munich! We will gladly take you there with one of our modern buses so you can enjoy the festival freely and without worry. From there our bus can take you to the Olympic stadium or to any of the shopping centres to browse what Munich has to offer.

COLOGNE: If you are planning a trip to Germany the Cologne Cathedral is a must-see. For a reasonable price you can hire a vehicle from our extensive vehicle rental fleet and enjoy a worry-free trip to Germany's fourth largest city. Take a bus tour around Cologne with EUROPA COACHES VENICE and experience Cologne with the help of our professional drivers who will direct you to various points of interest, among which also belong one of Europe's oldest universities, the University of Cologne, twelve Romanesque Churches, various medieval houses, or the Christmas Market Weihnachtsmarkt over various locations all over the city. Sample the favoured Cologne beer Kölsch, visit the Cologne karnival, or go on a wild shopping spree in one of its many trendy boutiques, in the arcades of the city centre and along the Ring. All is easily accessible with our rented buses, minibuses and other vehicles.

FRANKFURT: Do you love literature and wish to visit the birthplace of one of Germany's greatest writers? Rent a bus from EUROPA COACHES VENICE today and travel to Frankfurt to take a tour of Goethe's House and Museum! If you prefer museums our buses, vans and minivans can take you to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, the second largest of its kind in Germany, visit the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art, the Old Opera House, the Frankfurt ZOO. You can also take our bus for a daily trip outside Frankfurt to the little town of Büdingen where you can take a stroll around the old town's 15th century walls and their round towers. All is possible with bus rental service EUROPA COACHES VENICE!

BERLIN: Rent a bus from EUROPA COACHES VENICE and visit Germany's capitol city. With us you can travel to Berlin for one day or more, we cater to your every wish. Visit the museum at Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most well-known Berlin Wall crossing points between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, or the Berlin Victory Column (Siegessäule), or shop in its shopping paradise where you can choose from a plethora of various shops. In the evening our bus can take you to one of Berlin's Nightlife Districts where you can dance and have fun to the early morning hours.


A true alpine country with breathtaking natural wonders and beautiful cities, just a short trip away from Venice. Let EUROPA COACHES VENICE take you on a tour to Austria in one of our buses or minibuses or any other vehicles from our fleet.

VIENNA: For a quick and easy trip to Vienna you are welcome to contact EUROPA COACHES VENICE and our staff will gladly arrange a coach or minibus for you and your group. Our buses will take you to see Austria's capitol city and its many tourist attractions including ZOO Vienna (Tiergarten Shoenbrunn), visit some of Vienna's museums and cathedrals. If you have a sweet tooth you can take the Sweet Vienna Tour: Home of Cakes and Cafe Culture, or a Wine Tasting Cellar Tour for those who prefer drinks over sweets. If you prefer action over indulgence you can always take one of many organized Vienna walking tours or visit the Mozarthaus Vienna on a rainy day. With EUROPA COACHES VENICE the city of Vienna is easily accessible!

INNSBRUCK: Take a tour with our buses to Innsbruck, Austria's ski resort city. This picturesque city is beautiful in all seasons. However the city caters to others than just ski enthusiasts – let our buses take you closer to the city centre where you can find shops offering souverins with the scent of Alps, fabulous shopping centres, or shop for tempting gourmet treats for your friends back home.

SALZBURG: Travel to this internationally renowned city for its baroque architecture with the help of our team of professionals who are always ready and happy to arrange a coach tour for you and your party. Salzburg is the birthplace of the 18th-century classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The city and all its beauty was even featured as the setting in the play and move The Sound of Music. For all the beer enthusiasts Salzburg offers the traditional beer 'Märzen', and do not forget to try the delicious confection Mozartkugel.

BELGIUM: Our buses and minibuses make regular trips to Belgium, a cultural boundary between Germanic and Latin Europe. Belgium is well-known for its beer and there are more than 180 in the country, ranging from microbreweries to international giants. Take a sip of a Tripel belgian ale Abbaye de Saint-Martin, or choose your treat from a range of delicious types of belgian chocolate, the production dating back to the 17th century. Hire our buses and minibuses to visit cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, and many others.

BRUSSELS: Brussels is situated in the middle of the invisible line dividing Belgium into two parts: Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and French-speaking Wallonia to the south. The politics do not affect the city's beauty and attractiveness, however. Hire our coach to take you right into the heart of Brussels where you will enjoy the feel of a classic European city charm and cosmopolitan attractions. Visit the Grand Place lined with guild houses, and drop by the Mannekin Pis, a bronze statue of a boy relieving himself.

ANTWERP: If you fancy to experience Antwerp's vibrant nightlife, enjoy it's medieval buildings accompanied by modern architectural landmarks, or if you're thirsty for a proper shopping spree, do not hesitate to call EUROPA COACHES VENICE and place a reservation for a bus or minibus as soon as possible. We will be happy to offer you a bus rental service and transfer you and your group to Antwerp, with our experienced drivers offering additional help and information, perhaps even securing a local tour guide to help you explore all the hidden and not-so-hidden corners of the 'coolest' city in Belgium.

BRUGES: Cobblestones streets, slow rivers, architectural and artistic wonders, ornate houses lining intricate canals... Bruges is breathtakingly beautiful and certainly worth the visit! Secure a bus or minibus from EUROPA COACHES VENICE and we will make sure that your group arrives in Bruges safely and quickly as possible so you can start unraveling the many beauties of this medieval city as soon as possible!


A tiny country below the Alps, bordering on Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Hire a bus from EUROPA COACHES VENICE and discover and explore every niche of this diverse country. Travel from the seaside to the Alps in just two hours, and visit all the major cities and other landmarks with our exceptional bus rental service!

LJUBLJANA: The capitol of Slovenia is a small, but a budding city with a lot to see. Relax by the river at a quaint cafe, or explore the Ljubljana Castle where you can enjoy a delicious meal. Climb Rožnik, a low hill in Ljubljana and enjoy the nature, or delve into one of many boutique shops scattered all over the Old Centre. If you wish to experience alternative culture at night visit Metelkova. If you prefer a classy night out there is always the opera, various museums or the theatre. Do not forget to take a boat tour on the Ljubljanica river!


Hire one of our buses to take you to this beautiful mediterranean country with one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline Europe has to offer. A popular summer vacation destination for Europeans, Croatia will charm you with its historical coastal towns and cities, spoil your taste buds with delicious culinary specialities and quench your thirst with spirits like Travarica and delicious wine, with production dating way back to the time of Ancient Greek settlers. Discover its numerous islands and cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split, Makarska, Rab, Cres, and many more with EUROPA COACHES VENICE bus rental service.

ZAGREB: The capitol of Croatia is reachable with any of the vehicles from our fleet. Hire a bus or a minibus and visit this stunning city located in the mainland of Croatia. Do not miss out on Dolac's Market, or Zagreb's Museum of Broken Relationships, where people from all over the world leave a token of their failed relationship and a short note, creating a small world on its own and certainly worth the visit.